Big Upgrade For KIDO’Z !!!

Hi Everyone,
We are happy to announce the new KIDO’Z version with new and exciting tools ,features and content…

So what’s new?
You all know how great KIDO’Z already is as a kids environment to browse sites, watch videos and play games , this new version takes Kids’ Internet to the next level with its introduction of a unique social layer for kids.

Your kids can now socialize and communicate with other KIDO’Z friends, friends being other kids, you the parents, grandparents or any other family members. All friends are added and managed by you the parents via the parental control area , ensuring that your kids are safe at all times and can communicate only with persons you have approved.

The KIDO’Z MAIL enables your Kids to send and receive emails and e-cards, the KIDO’Z MAIL visual editor includes drawing tools and libraries of animated backgrounds and stickers that can be added allowing your kids to express themselves and their creativity and to communicate even if they still don’t know how to read or write.

KIDO’Z PLACES is where friends, self-expression and creativity meet , each kid on KIDO’Z now gets a PLACE where he can edit his virtual space and create his identity , his avatar. Friends can visit each others places and communicate with each other directly from there.

The new version also introduces the first KIDO’Z Premium Package, KIDO’Z PLUS has even more specialized tools and content, and is available at a small monthly fee. KIDO’Z PLUS includes:
KIDO’Z STATISTICS, which gives parents detailed usage reports of their child’s KIDO’Z usage
KIDO’Z SECURITY Advanced Security Settings
• Full Access to avatar styling
• Full Access to room editing
• Tons of cool items for the email

How do I upgrade ?
If you have KIDO’Z installed on your computer upgrade should start automatically next time you start the application. You can also just go directly to our homepage and install it from there

We hope you and your kids will enjoy the new version and we will be more than happy to get feedback from you.



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