Kids from all over the world speak one language

With the introduction of KIDO’Z MAIL that we’ve just added to our last version, new and exciting possibilities are now available to the kids.

The rich mail editor allows the kids to draw, paint, edit background and animation and write. It also allows them to express themselves and their creativity and more then that is allows them to share it and to communicate with friends and family even if they still can’t read or write.

The KIDO’Z MAIL gives preschoolers the power to share their art work with their parents or to communicate with their grandparents or to exchange cool Ecards with their friends. This generated a lot of excitement  and thousands of KIDO’Z Mails are being sent daily.

As the system is not based on language or text it is interesting to see how kids from all over the world are in many ways “speaking” the same visual language.

Click on the picture below to watch a gallery of some of the KIDO’Z Mails that we’ve gotten over the last  few days.



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