Case Study: Gigi & Buba – My Talking Teddy

By June 7, 2017Case Studies


Gigi & Buba, a small childrens oriented app developer from Austria was founded in 2013 by Emanuel Amler. After 10 years of working on films, commercials and games, Amler got inspired by his daughter and wanted to focus on the age range that the mobile gaming industry overlooks. The company’s first few app releases reached moderate success. The company had its hopes set high on their biggest project in development, a tamagotchi-like game called “My Talking Teddy.”


Upon its release, My Talking Teddy did not have the massive reaction from dedicated and casual users that Amler and his team were expecting – likely due to the saturation of talking character apps on the market that started several years prior. Sensing that working with Kidoz could dramatically improve the awareness and retention of My Talking Teddy, Mr. Amler reached out to us to in hopes that we could provide a much needed boost, enable a high retention rate and that kids all over the world will like the game he created for them.


Kidoz ran a 6 month “My Talking Teddy” awareness campaign, that spanned over 35 countries and delivered 6.4 million impressions in total. The CTR to the app install page was 15%. The percentage of clicks to installs was 7%. Today My Talking Teddy has well over 100,000 installs, over 130,000 views on the Gigi & Buba YouTube channel and a 4.2 app approval rating.